I wish she was here…

This was supposed to be nothing more than a game.

One where the odds were completely stacked in my favor.

But it all went awry.

Losing Raven again hurt much worse than before.

Because there was no coming back from this.

Now, I was a man bent on avenging what I’d lost.

One thing would always remain the same:

She was mine.

But there was something I didn’t know:

Nothing was as it seemed.

Trigger Warnings
Devious Heir is a dark college billionaire enemies-to-lovers romance. It is not recommended for minors and contains situations that are dubious and could be triggering. The book also includes graphic violence, kidnapping, anxiety attacks, and brief mentions of a mental disorder which might also be triggering. It isn’t a standalone, but Nash and Raven’s story is complete. Chapter 25 might be triggering because of graphic violence.