Curiosity has its consequences…

Westwick University conceals the truth in its ancient walls.

Some will do whatever it takes to keep it buried.

That includes Soren Grant.

My stalker.

My professor.

I never expected things to end up this way,

But I should have done my research.

After all, no one knows what really happened to his wife.

Now I’m trapped in nothing more than a glided cage,

Forced to do his bidding.

Because whatever Professor Grant wants,

Professor Grant gets…

Trigger Warnings
The Truth Between is a dark college billionaire enemies-to-lovers romance. It is not recommended for minors and contains situations that are dubious and could be triggering. It is book two of a duet. • Dubious Consent • Non Consent (related to birth control) • Graphic Sexual Scenes • Graphic Violence • Stalking • Spanking • Torture • Murder • Kidnapping • Captive • Drugging • Brief mentions of death of parent(s) • Brief mentions of mental health disorder.