I could run, but I couldn’t hide.

If there’s one thing I learned in this life, is that I couldn’t stay where I’m not wanted.

That’s why I fled from Ace Bolton’s home and went into hiding.

No one would care if I was gone or so I thought.

Staying hidden while the world around me imploded was the only way I thought I could stay safe.

But nothing is ever as it seems.

When danger comes knocking on my doorstep, it sends me running.

Right back into the arms of my monster.

Trigger Warnings
The Billionaire’s Possession is a dark billionaire enemies-to-lovers romance. It is not recommended for minors and contains situations that are dubious and could be triggering. The book also includes sexual assault and flashbacks to child abuse which might also be triggering. It isn’t a standalone and the book ends in a cliffhanger. Chapter 13 contains graphic violence and blood.